Cielo: Shattering Silence With Nightmares

After more than ten years of silence, UK's Cielo has finally broken the surface. Cielo is a solo project based out of Durham, England. Released via Lugubrious Audio–an underground label with a roster chock-full of the unconventional, and part of a small, local cassette scene–Cielo's new self-titled release is an album best described as experimental indie … Continue reading Cielo: Shattering Silence With Nightmares


Death Roots Syndicate Volume VI: My Thoughts 

For those of you who don't know, the Death Roots Syndicate is a net label and collective of like-minded musicians that release albums and compilations every year dedicated to several genres including: gothic country, folk punk, cowpunk, indie rock, neofolk, and pretty much anything that has an "earthy" vibe while retaining a certain level of … Continue reading Death Roots Syndicate Volume VI: My Thoughts