New Releases: 8-14/7/17

Hello, and–at long last–welcome back to New Releases! It's been far too long since my last post and it's great to be back to writing, but I've also been doing plenty of exciting things over the course of these past few weeks. Aside from finishing up all my remaining exams for the school year, I … Continue reading New Releases: 8-14/7/17


New Releases: 20-26/5/17

It's Friday night again, and you know what that means... Welcome back to New Releases! Those of you who read last week's instalment will be aware that the past two weeks have been extremely doom-heavy. This week, things went down a bit differently, as you're about to see. But first, some unfinished business... A Correction … Continue reading New Releases: 20-26/5/17