2016 In Review: The Chancellor’s (Late) AOTY List

Well, it's that time of the year. Or rather, it was, a few weeks ago, which was when this post really should have been written. But this post isn't the only one I've been putting off. I've also been procrastinating with the New Releases series, with my Global Doom series, and with my upcoming Best … Continue reading 2016 In Review: The Chancellor’s (Late) AOTY List


Black Metal AOTY: 2016

You know, this year, now that I think about it, really has been an excellent year for black metal. My black metal Album of the Year list has been turbulent, tumultuous and unstable for quite some time now, and I’ve definitely gone through my stages with it, as have we all. Choosing your album of … Continue reading Black Metal AOTY: 2016