New Releases: 20-26/5/17

It’s Friday night again, and you know what that means… Welcome back to New Releases! Those of you who read last week’s instalment will be aware that the past two weeks have been extremely doom-heavy. This week, things went down a bit differently, as you’re about to see. But first, some unfinished business…

A Correction to Last Week’s Instalment

It seems I forgot an album on my last post that I originally intended to include, which I had previously ranked at #2, to boot. I’m unable to actually write much about this album due to time constraints today, but if you’re in the mood for some killer sludge, this album should bridge that gap nicely.

Holy Money- The Language Machine


Anyways, now that these initial pleasantries are out of the way, it’s time to take a look at some great new music.

6. Abuse- Nothing is Safe


Misogynistic Vancouverites Abuse are back for the first time in sixteen years with a new LP: Nothing is Safe. Returning from a self-declared sixteen-year hangover, sleazy deathgrind duo Big Pimp and Offal Consumer have reappeared on the scene accompanied by a new drummer: notorious Lord Marco, of Neurogenic and Six Feet Under fame. Together, these three Grand Theft Auto lovers have put together an abrasive and high-intensity LP to mark their comeback.

5. Soijl- As the Sun Sets on Life


Originally a Swedish one-man project masterminded by Mattias Svensson–an ex-member of the legendary Danish melodic doom/death powerhouse Saturnus–Soijl later expanded to become a three-piece band belonging to the niche of atmospheric death/doom. As the Sun Sets on Life, the project’s second full-length release, is a follow-up to 2015’s Endless Elysian Fields. Living up to its genre tag and embracing melody in generous quantities, As the Sun Sets on Life is a swirling musical vortex which, at just over an hour in length, takes you through a narrative laced with touches of that characteristic gritty death/doom aggression. Fans of Saturnus will certainly find a great deal of enjoyment in this album.

4. Below the Sun- Alien World


Immediately, a single aspect of this album stands out: its use of elements of ambient, of which every sound actually originates from the musicians and their instruments–no synths, MIDI tracks or samples involved. Organic is a word that describes Russian experimental post-metal/doom quartet Below the Sun very well. Citing influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Ahab, Alien World is a result of a very natural process that occurs when each musician brings something they love to the table with no thought given to the genre tag of the finished product. Melodic, spacey and captivating, Alien World is an album worth losing yourself in.

3. Chambre Froide- Rogues Chapelles


…And raw black metal in 2017 just keeps getting better. Chambre Froide, as mentioned, are a raw black metal band. Hailing from France, it is not generally known how many members make up Chambre Froide, nor who specifically is involved. Depending on who you are as a listener, this secrecy may or may not envelop the album in a certain mysterious aura, but one thing is for certain: Rogues Chapelles is raw, aggressive and bursting at the seams with a very particular second-wave nostalgia.

2. Suffering Hour- In Passing Ascension


Suffering Hour are an American three-piece blackened death metal band. In Passing Ascension is their first full-length release, and though this album is short–running just over 30 minutes spanning eight tracks–enough dissonance is packed into this release to split every hair on your head. In Passing Ascension is an album with a confused, chaotic feel concealing within it the bludgeoning edge of its death metal side–the dissonant, swirling, slightly misanthropic traits of black metal wrapped around death metal’s aggressive riffs and brute force.

1. Crawl- This Sad Cadav’r


The eponymous one-man project and brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Crawl is, in a word, enigmatic. Stating the project’s location as “wandering through caves” and “homeless”, Crawl describes his work as “Bastard child of failure. Tunneling blindly through caves of depression.” The latest product to appear from the bleak chambers of this unnerving sludge/noise project, This Sad Cadav’r is absolutely suffocating in atmosphere and desolating in full force–a sonic manifestation of pure, unfiltered anguish that will drag you down deeper than you are willing to go. Crawl is the progenitor of nightmares, the father of monsters. Under the right circumstances, This Sad Cadav’r will leave you emotionally disturbed and speechless for quite some time.

• • • Summary • • •

This week has definitely been looking much more diverse than the previous two weeks have been, which I’m definitely grateful for. Even though there are still quite a few doom releases on this list, for the most part, these albums are of a unique style. Almost all of them are fusions of different metal genres. All in all, there is definitely something here for everyone.

Thanks for reading!


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