New Releases: March in Review

Before I begin I just want to remind everyone that these monthly updates are constantly being revised. I edit them frequently to include new discoveries as I find them, so be sure to keep checking back every once in a while.


Doom Metal

Pallbearer- Heartless

Bereft- Lands

Black Metal

Neige et Noirceur- Verglapolis

Verglapolis / Neige et Noirceur / drone black metal

Severoth- Forestpaths


Förgjord- Uhripuu

Falls of Rauros- Vigilance Perennial

Black Cilice- Banished From Time

Rimthurs- Graveskrift

Rebirth of Nefast- Tabernaculum

Ende- Emën Etán

Light of the Morningstar- Nocta

Entheos- Le Zahir


DSBM is a subgenre of black metal. However, I consider it too niche of a style to be lumped in with the other black metal releases, so it will receive its own category.

The Well-Wisher- The Colours Fade

Azelisassath- Total Desecration of Existence

Death Metal

Necroblood- Collapse of the Human Race

Harvest Gulgatha- Altars of Devotion

Venenum- Trance of Death

If I’ve missed any great releases, please be sure to let me know.


Busiest Day:

Friday, March 31st

Slowest Day:

Sunday, March 12th and Sunday, March 26th

• • •

Weekday Stats

Based on average number of releases per weekday

Busiest Weekday:

Friday (55)

Slowest Weekday:

Sunday (7.5)

Weekdays Ranked:

1. Friday (55)

2. Saturday (13.5)

3. Monday (13)

4. Tuesday (10.5)

5. Wednesday (10)

6. Thursday (9.8)

7. Sunday (7.5)

• • •

Months Ranked:

Based on average number of releases per day

1. January (21.9)

2. February (21.46)

3. March (18.9)


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