SOUS LE LYS NOIR: Exploring the History of Québécois Black Metal


It has been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog other than New Releases. Granted, I’ve been very busy as of late. New Releases has been the vehicle that has allowed me to continue blogging through my some of my busiest days, but I’ve always felt as though I should be writing about more than just recent releases. I do have several series that have been sacrificed for time (most notably Global Doom, which I do intend to pick back up when it’s convenient for me), but now that I have a bit more time to spare, I’ve decided to begin something altogether new.

Québécois black metal, or QCBM for short (or métal noir Québécois, if you prefer), is something that has been given much credit but not a lot of spotlight. There are many black metal fanatics out there who will readily admit that the QCBM scene is among the best modern black metal scenes of our time, but nobody really knows anything about it. Its past is as dark and mysterious as its sound. If you were to research its history, as I have done countless times in vain, you will quickly find that there is very little information out there–and far less if you do not speak French.


Odds are, even if you’re an expert on the genre of black metal, you would struggle to name any bands of this scene beyond the likes of Forteresse, Csejthe, Monarque, Sorcier des glaces, Gris, Chasse-Galerie or Akitsa unless you have gone out of your way to look into it. On that note, it is a wonder how it has come to be held in such high regard while maintaining its status as a neatly buried gem of the Canadian underground; a reward to all who dug deep enough to become familiar with its secrets. My purpose with this series is to explain that wonder and provide justification for its prowess.


This series is meant to provide a means for me to accomplish something I have been wanting to do for a long time: document the history of the scene in the most objective and comprehensive way possible. My goal is to provide an overview, year-by-year, of the key developments and influences in QCBM and to map the evolution of the Québécois sound from the ground up. Starting from the roots, I will perform an in-depth analysis of some of the most critical periods of its development one blog post at a time and, in doing so, hopefully expose new listeners to some very under-appreciated music.

Being that there are not many credible sources to learn about QCBM, the nature of these posts will be speculative and based on my own research. I will be seeking confirmation of my deductions from figures of authority within the scene as time goes on.


I will be writing instalments of this series at my leisure. I don’t plan on defining a specific weekday to post these mainly because I have an unpredictable schedule at the moment, and also because New Releases takes precedence, but I will do my best to post instalments as often as I can, because there are few things in this world that I enjoy more than QCBM.

• • •

Watch out for the upcoming first post of the series:

SOUS LE LYS NOIR: Context For a Revolution

Thanks for reading!


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