New Releases: February in Review


Doom Metal

Strange Broue- Seance

Cranial- Dark Towers/Bright Lights

Unearthly Trance- Stalking the Ghost

Hymn- Perish

Lunar Funeral- Sex on a Grave

Black Metal

White Death- White Death

Doctor Livingstone- Triumphus Haeretici

Weigedood- Die Doden Hebben Het Goed II

The Committee- Memorandum Occultus

Ungfell- Tötbringære

Death Metal

Cryptic Brood- Brain Eater

Sinister- Syncretism

Immolation- Atonement

Thrash Metal

Power Trip- Nightmare Logic


If I’ve missed any great releases, please be sure to let me know.


Busiest Day:

Friday, February 17th

Slowest Day:

Thursday, February 23rd

Busiest Week:

Third Week (12th to 18th)

Slowest Week:

Second Week (5th to 11th)

• • •

Weekday Stats

Based on average number of releases per weekday

Busiest Weekday:

Friday (46.25)

Slowest Weekday:

Sunday (12.5)

Weekdays Ranked:

1.Friday (46.25)

2.Wednesday (18.5)

3.Tuesday (17.5)

4.Monday (14)

5.Thursday (14)

6.Saturday (14)

7.Sunday (12.5)

• • •

Months Ranked:

Based on average number of releases per day

1. January (21.9)

2. February (21.46)


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