New Releases: January in Review

It’s about time I got around to this. To be honest, I had planned to do this much earlier but I forgot I wanted to do these monthly summary things until last night, when I realized that it was time to write the February one, and I saw that I hadn’t even written anything for January yet.

The way these posts will work is I’m essentially going to post a monthly list of the best 10 or so albums of the month, which I will compile based on what I find for my New Releases posts as well as other releases that I missed or didn’t hear about until afterwards. I also don’t intend to rank these, but I will group them by genre. I’ll also be posting some statistics about the month. I won’t write as much on each post in the future, but I did want to quickly outline how these things are going to go.


Doom Metal

Dopelord- Children of the Haze

The Flight of Sleipnir- Skadi

Weltesser- Crestfallen

Black Metal

Rance- Rance


Obskuritatem- Vampiriska Kakofonija


Dumal- The Lesser God


W- Winterwomb

Au Champ des Morts- Dans La Joie

Vomit Kult- Demonic Art

Author- Lopun Alku


DSBM is a subgenre of black metal. However, I consider it too niche of a style to be lumped in with the other black metal releases, so it will receive its own category.

Wraithe- Alone and Unloved

Waiting for my End- Our Need of Consolation is Insatiable

Death Metal

Blasphemer- Blasphemer

Analepsy- Atrocities from Beyond

If I’ve missed any great releases, please be sure to let me know.


Busiest Day:

Friday, January 27th

Slowest Day:

Wednesday, January 11th

Busiest Week:

Third Week (15th to 21st)

Slowest Week:

Second Week (8th to 14th)

• • •

Busiest Weekday:

Friday (average of 45.25 albums)

Slowest Weekday:

Wednesday (average of 11.5 albums)

Weekdays Ranked:

Based on average number of albums released on each weekday

1. Friday (45.25)

2. Sunday (26.2)

3. Monday (21)

4. Tuesday (20.4)

5. Saturday (16.5)

6. Thursday (12)

7. Wednesday (11.5)

• • •

Months Ranked:

Based on quantity of releases per month

1. January


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