New Releases: 15-21/01/17

Here it is. My second post of the day. Today has been a pretty busy day for me with regards to my writing, but I planned on using my days off to catch up on these, and I don’t intend to back off on that. I’d like to get my catching up done before there’s really time for a large amount of releases to come out in February. So, this is the post to cover the third week of January. I’ll have another post out tomorrow as well, and then I should be decently caught up. Sounds good?

I have four albums to talk about in this post. It was kind of a quiet week.

4. Droom Alone- Brooding Skadu


I’m not quite sure what to make of this. Brooding Skadu is a one man atmospheric/ambient black metal project with a lot of post-black influence from South Africa, and this album art is absolutely gorgeous, which is why it caught my eye in the first place. But to be honest, this release is just as good as it is awful, if that makes any sense. Listening to this, I wanted many times to turn it off and switch to something else, only to stop myself from doing it because it seemed like something amazing was about to happen and that maybe the album was going to turn itself around. But nah, it never completely did, because just as I was about to solidify my opinion, it turned right back around and starting heading off in god knows what direction all over again. The funny thing is, I’m still not even sure if this is worth listening to or whether I just shouldn’t have bothered. Should I add this to the post? I don’t even know. Did I like it, or didn’t I? I have no idea. I’m so terribly confused about this album. Sigh.

3. Helheim- LandawarijaR


Helheim are a Norwegian Viking metal band from Bergen. To clarify, Viking metal is not Amon Amarthcore and it is most certainly not as simple as melodic death metal with lyrics about Vikings. Viking metal is an actual legitimate genre with its own unique sound of which Bathory was the most important pioneer, and it is so named not because of the lyrics but because of the sound *throws keyboard across the room*. Now that that’s out of the way, Helheim are no strangers to this sort of music. With 13 releases under their belt since their formation in 1992, they’ve definitely been around the block a few times, and it’s quite evident in this release. It’s mesmerizing and maturely written, and thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end, so whether you already worship Viking metal-era Bathory or have never heard any sort of Viking metal before in your life, you’re sure to find something of interest in this.

2. The Flight of Sleipnir- Skadi


There’s nothing I like to see more than bands who put effort into their cover art. I think it really shows that the band invested a lot of care and thought into their music, but when bands do their own cover art, it’s pretty safe to say that it doesn’t often turn out quite like this. The Flight of Sleipnir are fairly known for having amazing artwork that is all done by one of their own band members, David Csicsely. And unlike Droom Alone, their music deserves such amazing presentation. Now, I know I just gave you all a lecture on Viking metal, but don’t get ahead of yourselves, because this album is actually more of a gentle stoner doom album with touches of folk music and acoustic instrumentation. It’s a really drifting, spacey listen punctuated with gaps that will pull you out into some far-off place for a few minutes before dropping you right back down to Earth again. Long story short, this is great.

1. Dopelord- Children of the Haze


Speaking of doom, I don’t suppose I should neglect to mention this bombshell here. Dopelord are a Polish stoner doom band who have been around since about 2010, and who cite that their main inspiration comes from “old movies, 70s music and magical herbs,” which should give you a pretty good idea of what you’re about to listen to with this release. This album’s most charming characteristic is not really that it has anything new to offer, but that it takes what has already been done and does it very well and with a high degree of hazy finesse.


It seems like a few things have really been themes of this week: doom metal, Norse mythology, gorgeous cover art and not being able to find all the albums I wanted to listen to in order to prepare for this post. Sorry about that by the way. Here, have some graphs to make up for the length.



Friday, as usual, was the most popular release day of the week, but this time it was followed by Sunday. Thursday seems to have been pretty shit. Funny how releases seemed to dwindle out before massively spiking on Friday.

Anyways, here you have it. My second contribution of the day. I’m honestly quite sick of typing at this point (I’m not using my own keyboard so I’m constantly hitting the wrong keys), but I said I’d have another post out tomorrow, and I still intend on doing that. So watch for it if you’re interested. Thanks for reading!


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