New Releases: New Year’s Edition- 01-07/01/17

Well, I’m finally getting around to writing the New Releases post for the first week of January. Typically, I’m not in the habit of retroactive writing, but for this week, it’ll have to be either done late or not done at all. I listened to 171 albums in order to write this. After going through all that music, I’ve formulated a list of the 17 very best albums of the week. But since that would be a lot of writing under the normal format–and I do mean a lot–I’ll be doing this slightly differently than normal. There’s simply no way I could write my usual amount about every album on this list without losing a full night of sleep and consequently ripping all my hair out.

Before I get to that, as usual, here is the link to my New Releases chat for January, which I encourage you all to join if you haven’t already. It’s usually a pretty active chat and we’ve had some really interesting discussions there since it opened, so don’t be shy about popping in and saying hello.

And now for the music. I did try to loosely rank these, but I’ve done a really rough job with it due to time limitations this week. I wasn’t able to give a lot of these albums the time I would have given them under normal circumstances, so this ended up being a ranking made based on what appealed to me right away rather than something I put together based on careful consideration. But enough talking, more album listing. Right? Let’s do this.

17. Legbah- Legbah

16. Dumal- The Lesser God

15. False Light/Discomfort- Split

14. Ethereal Terrorblast- Die Eiserne Wehr

13. Bantha Rider- Bantha Rider

12. Moongate’s Guardian- Let Horse Be Bridled, Horn Be Sounded!

11. Voidcraeft- Dogma

10. Still Dead- Demo no. 1

9. Toke- (orange)

8. Lizzard Wizzard- Total War Power Bastard

7. Blasphemer- Blasphemer

6. Ulg- Windark

5. Steny Lda- III

4. Kald Kriger- A Season of Pagan Sorrow

3. Vinnum Sabbathi- Gravity Works

2. Waiting for my End- Our Need of Consolation is Insatiable

1. Wraithe- Alone and Unloved

There’s basically no possible way I didn’t miss anything from that first week. The sheer volume of music that comes out on January 1st alone makes a mountain of sifting to do, never mind the rest of the week, which is part of something I like to call the New Year’s rush. But hey, I’m mostly impressed I still found the time to do this with exams right around the corner. That being said, I do have a few requests to make.

Firstly, please remember the possibility that this list may be biased towards my own personal preferences for doom metal and black metal (specifically towards DSBM and related subgenres), since I didn’t really have the time to work this out based on something other than my instinct on first listen. That means I don’t want the way I ranked this list to deter you from checking out the albums ranked lower down—it’s all good shit.

Secondly, my schedule has really limited my writing time as of late, which is why this is a pretty bare-bones list. If you’ve listened to any of these albums, please don’t be afraid to leave a comment with your feedback, or drop by the discussion chat.

Furthermore, if there’s something I missed here (which there almost certainly is), feel free to let me know in the comments or in your own post somewhere. Although if you do that, make sure you add the hashtag #NewYearsReleases just so that I can find it easily. It doesn’t have to be long, but I would like to be aware of as many good releases as I can in order to make an accurate summary post at the end of the month. Yeah, I’m sort of exploiting you all for help. Go figure. But hey, if you point something out that I didn’t know about and it ends up in my end of the month post, I’ll give you credit because I’m a nice person (sort of).

Thanks for reading! The next post, about the releases from the second half of this week, will be out Saturday.


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