New Releases: Series Update

I haven’t really written a new instalment of this series in quite some time, and there is a reason for that—I’ve been out of the country and busy with all sorts of things in my actual life—but I wanted to take a moment to write this quick update to let everyone know what’s going on with it, and also what my future plans are for it, since I’ll be changing things up.

Post Frequency

I’ll still be posting every weekend. There’s nothing new about that. However, sometimes there are too many great releases in a week. In order to avoid having to write an obscenely long post on some weeks and maybe not giving each release the attention it deserves due to the quantity of music I have to sift through, I’ll be dividing busier weeks into two posts. I’m thinking Wednesdays for this sort of thing, but it will likely be rare.

Monthly Summary

At the end of every month (or potentially the very beginning of the next month—haven’t decided), I’ll be doing an additional post containing what I consider to be the highlights of each month. These won’t be very wordy at all. More along the lines of an unranked list of albums with maybe a genre description and links to the New Releases posts they originally appeared in, if I wrote about them.

Discussion Chats

I plan on making monthly discussion chats, in order to have a place for debates and music talk. The idea is that if I miss any releases, they can be linked to the chat and people will see them even though I wasn’t able to write about them. I’ll provide links to the currently active chat in every post, and I’ll be making new ones/disabling the old ones every month to keep things alive and organized. In fact, I’ve just started one for January 2017.

Post Archive

This is probably my favourite of the new series additions, and I actually can’t even take credit for it, because it was cc’s idea. Essentially, I’ll be starting an archive of all the new releases posts, including the monthly summary posts, and that can be found in my bio (though I haven’t started it yet). This archive won’t contain all my posts—only the New Releases ones. The idea here is to have quick access to the year’s highlights, organized by the week, which if nothing else will help me personally to keep track of what I’ll want in my AOTY list in December.

• • •

I’m really looking forward to starting this back up again! Hopefully these additions will work out the way I want them to. My next post will be Wednesday, most likely, and will cover the 8th to the 9th.

Oh, and here’s a random picture so that this blog can have a half decent cover photo.

Later mates.


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