Sam’s Recent Listens: Volume 6

I tried to devote myself to doing absolutely nothing today. That is not going very well at all, as you can probably tell from the fact that I’m posting this. I don’t do very well with boredom. I have several new posts planned out, including the next instalment of Global Doom and a possible summary of my experiences last night at the Yautja/Trap Them show; however, I’ve been listening to so much new music lately that I kind of felt like I needed to write this post to help myself keep track. I’m terrible at that.

Trees of Eternity- Hour of the Nightingale


I’m sure, by now, that everyone is already aware of the circumstances behind this album (thanks to Maria’s post). This is an absolutely heart-wrenching listen, augmented by the tragic events that preceded its release. I’d have no issue calling this the most emotionally charged release of the year; if it isn’t, then it’s damn well close. Rest in peace, Aleah. Fuck cancer.

Cross Vault- Miles to Take


Cross Vault have finally returned with a new release: the EP Miles to Take. I’ll probably be writing about this on Monday or so, since I may do a post about recent releases, and this is very recent–in fact, it came out only a few hours ago. A follow-up to their previous two full-lengths, Miles to Take is their shortest and yet most depressing release to date, and it’s definitely worthy of a listen.

Year of the Cobra- …In The Shadows Below


I suppose it’s not really surprising that everything I’ve mentioned so far on this list has been doom metal of some kind. Year of the Cobra are no different. Honestly, this one places quite high on my doom AOTY list. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. It sounds a lot like a combination of Ashtar and Darkher mixed with traditional doom, so if you like any of those, I imagine you’ll love this as much as I do.

Wendess- MMXXIII


So, this might not be a doom album, but it’s Québécois black metal, which is my other addiction. I guess this is just the most typical post I’ve made in quite some time. Anyways, Wendess’ new full-length, MMXXIII, came out fairly recently (May, if I remember correctly) and really kicks some serious ass. This hands down one of the best QCBM releases this year, and it’s been in my playlist for a while now. If you haven’t heard this yet and are a fan of atmospheric black metal, I recommend you check this out RIGHT NOW DAMMIT.

Quercus- Heart with Bread


A few days ago I woke up to a message from FuneralRain recommending this to me, and I am really glad that happened, because I think this could be my doom AOTY. I’ll know for sure once I listen to it a few more times, but this honestly sounds like the funeral doom album I’ve been waiting for all year. Its strong use of the pipe organ makes it very solemn, while simultaneously, its avant-garde tendencies create a very uncertain mood throughout.

Kylver- The Island


The Island is a follow-up to 2015’s ‘The Mountain Ghost’, and as always, it’s a concept album following a fantastic and disturbing story. This time, the story involves a tragic shipwreck, a mysterious island and an unsettling end to an ill-fated adventure. I very highly recommend this.

Psychonaut 4- Neurasthenia


In my opinion, this is easily the DSBM album of the year. I can’t seem to stop coming back to it. To be honest, this is one of those times where I’m not exactly sure what to say about an album because I’m not entirely sure that I can cohesively express what it does to me. I’m sure, if you’ve listened to this, you’d understand. In the past few days especially, this has really been my crutch.

The Angelic Process- Weighing Souls With Sand

The Angelic Process aren’t recognized as a metal band by the Archives, but their music is a dreamlike combination of post-rock and drone, adorned with dark ambient. As far as I’m aware, this is their very last release. The wizards behind this album were actually lovers, who went by the pseudonyms of M. Dragynfly and K. Angylus. Sadly, K. Angylus committed suicide due to the development of an incapacitating injury that destroyed his ability to play music ever again, leaving behind Weighing Souls With Sand as a portrait of a time hanging in the balance before the looming tragedy occurred. It’s beautiful and ethereal.

Hopefully I’ll have another post out on Monday. I haven’t been the most diligent with my blogging as of late, but I hope this unexpected post somewhat makes up for that. As I mentioned, I have quite a few new posts planned out for the coming weeks.

I’m regrettably out of time to continue writing this one any longer. Thanks for reading!


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