Global Doom: Volume III–Karelia

Hello, and welcome back to Global Doom: a series with the mission of unearthing doom metal from all over the world.

If you missed my last post, it can be found right here, and it was written about a number of awesome doom bands from Miami, Florida. As always, feel free to contribute your own entry to this series by adding the hashtag #GlobalDoom to your post, since my main goal with this has mainly been spreading the word of doom, and giving exposure to a genre that gets skimmed over far too much.

This post will be about a couple bands from Karelia, so let’s get started.

Karelia is a much-disputed-over region. Historically, Finland, Russia and Sweden have all made claims to it, although today the region is divided between Russia and Finland. The region boasts two of its own flags and coats of arms, each representing the Karelian people, and proudly contains the two largest lakes in Europe- Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega. It also contains a small amount of doom bands that you’ll be needing a good shovel to find.


Holy fucking son of Gretzky was this hard to find. Seriously, the amount of obscure sketchy Russian websites I needed to sift through to listen to this album was unprecedented. But yes, it was worth it. Their only release, 2016’s demo I, is quickly climbing my list of this year’s favourite doom releases. What I’m talking about here is a dirty sludge demo with a healthy amount of groove, and tracks that take their sweet time to develop into something completely badass without losing listener interest. It really is a shame that this is so hard to find, because were it not, I speculate that this demo would have generated some discussion.

To spare you all the sketchy Russian website sifting, you can listen to this demo here.


Tailgunner identify themselves as a “pure and energetic heavy metal band with doom influences”. Hailing from the Finnish side of the border, Tailgunner come from North Karelia. Unfortunately, even though I searched extensively, the only thing I could track down from these guys was the title track from their 2014 demo Year of the Voyager. This being their only demo, I would love to hear more, but the only way to do that would have been to actually contact them and buy a cassette from them which I neither have the money to do nor the ability to actually listen to cassettes.

What I’ve heard of these guys was generic at first, but it grew on me through the duration of its 9 or so minutes. It’s littered with moments of interesting creative ideas which make this one track worth listening to. Surprisingly there’s actually both a guitar solo and a bass solo.

• • •

Well, that does it for this instalment of Global Doom. To be honest, I expected this to be a bit longer, but there were bands that I couldn’t track down despite my efforts, so I apologize if you were waiting for something a bit more extravagant. The next two posts will likely be about Copenhagen! Watch out for that.

Thanks for reading!


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