Global Doom: Volume II–Miami

Hello, and welcome back to Global Doom: a series with the mission of unearthing doom metal from all over the world. If you missed my last post, it can be found right here, and it was written about the two brilliant doom bands of the Faroe Islands. As always, feel free to contribute your own entry to this series by adding the hashtag #GlobalDoom to your post, since my main goal with this has mainly been spreading the word of doom, and giving exposure to a genre that gets skimmed over far too much. As a preface, all of these bands can be found on Bandcamp.

So without further procrastination from yours truly, let’s jump in.

• • •

Situated at the very tip of the American state of Florida, Miami is a seaport city boasting the eighth highest city population in the United States, and is considered the fourth largest urban area in America. Miami is home to the largest number of Cuban-Americans in the country, and is a major fashion center- but what is hiding in the underground of a city so clean, it was ranked by Forbes as “America’s Cleanest City” in 2008? Let’s take a look.


Active since 2013 with only two members, Bullethorn are an independent artist who ripped their way into the underground with their first and only EP in 2015. ‘Colliding Natality’ is initially a slow, percolating presence, dealing with deep topics such as the expansion of consciousness, spirituality and communication. Phasing in and out of deep ambience and crunchy riffs, this is a fantastic start that shows a lot of promise for this new and upcoming band. The EP itself is three songs in length and clocks in at just under 40 minutes.


Miami sludge/doom veterans Cavity have been around since 1992, and are no strangers to the doom scene. Their releases include a long string of singles released between 1995 and 1996- some of which having been released as split singles with such names as Bongzilla and DAISYCUTTER. Though they broke up in 2003, they reunited in 2015 and have yet to release any new material. Their last release, ‘On the Lam’, was released in 2001. 1999’s full length effort ‘Supercollider’ comprises most of what I’ve heard of the band, and that particular album is very reminiscent in places of the iconic Californian stoner trio Sleep.


If you’re looking for some pissed off angry sludge, Consular are exactly the band you’re looking for. Lyrical themes of religion and violence make it quite easy to imagine the direction in which the aforementioned anger is projected, and it is reflected in all of their facets. In their Bandcamp description, Consular state only that “Miami is the only reality. All fuck all the fucking time”. Though it is not known when the group formed, their first release dropped in 2006, with their most recent effort, ‘Allapattah Blues”, having released in December of 2010.

Holly Hunt

Formed in 2010, Holly Hunt are an instrumental drone/doom duo with only guitars and drums. Their releases span from the year of their formation all the way up to 2014. Although they are currently still active, it is not known whether there is a new release on the horizon. Their releases include one split, two demos, two EPs and one full length release, entitled ‘Year One’. Their most recent EP ‘Prometheus’ was released in 2014 and proved to be a suitable follow-up to ‘Year One’, which was released two years prior. According to Holly Hunt’s Bandcamp page, they “capture the meditative power of repetition; the ecstatic joy of tempered variation; infinitely undulating riffage; psychedelic drone paired with rock ‘n’ roll rhythm in full splendor,” which describes them to a T.


Nixa are an independent trio that play an interesting brand of sludge. A trio, NIXA is made up of members Mike Rodriguez, Anthony Mendolia and Valentin Mellstrom, and has been compared by other listeners to the Dutch stoner/doom band Herder, although that, in my opinion, is not a connection that immediately springs forth in my mind. Nixa was formed in 2012 and has released one self-titled EP in 2013, followed by 2014’s Trembling Path, which is a 42 minute display of stellar sludge prowess.

Bonus points for super  a e s t h e t i c  album art

Shroud Eater

A dirty-sounding, female-fronted sludge trio, Shroud Eater are perhaps one of, if not the most interesting band on this list. January of 2009 saw their formation, and since then, they have released one single, three EPs and a full length album. With a primary focus on mythology and the occult, Shroud Eater create interesting and thick layers of sound that I found first really drew me in as a listener, and subsequently proceeded to smash me in the face. Their 2013 EP ‘Dead Ends’ in particular interested me a lot, and will likely remain in my playlist well into the coming months.

Cave of Swimmers

If you like progressive music, then this is a band for you. Cave of Swimmers are a progressive/doom band that for me provided a lot of bipolar moments in terms of whether I in fact liked or disliked what they were presenting. With highly operatic vocals implicative of epic doom combined with heavy riffs, time signature variation and its fair share of repetitiveness, Cave of Swimmers is certainly something that I was unsure of upon first listen. However, by the end of my first time through their 2015 album ‘Reflection’, it was evident that this band actually manages to kick some ass even while playing a style that I’m not particularly fond of. If nothing else, some excellent guitar work influenced (at times, and to my ears) by the notorious Yngwie J. Malmsteen resides here. While certain tracks such as ‘The Prince of the Power of the Air’ were slightly too repetitive, I found a great deal of overall enjoyment in this band.


Snakehole are an all-female punk-influenced doom metal band that “has been an outlet for female rage since its inception in 2011”. Signed to No Work Records, Snakehole have released a 2012 demo and a 2014 EP over the course of their sonic journey, the latter of which I listened to for this brief description. To be completely honest, I didn’t really hear much that I liked or that I thought made them particularly noticeable, though I am admittedly not well-versed in punk.

• • •

Enjoy some Miami doom. That concludes this post in my ongoing #GlobalDoom series! The next post here will be about doom from Karelia. If you know a region that you really want to see covered here, you can of course feel free to jump in with your own post as previously mentioned. Thanks for reading!


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