Global Doom: Volume I–Faroe Islands

What’s up lads? It’s been ages since I’ve done any sort of series. In fact, the last one I did was my Danish Metal series, which was actually way back when we were all on Metal Amino.

There are a combination of reasons for the lack of blogging that I’ve been doing, and one of those reasons is that when I’m online and writing I’m usually busy with community related things like announcements, weekend challenges and tutorials. Those are all well and good, but ultimately I’m a blogger at heart, and I miss writing posts.

So, today I’m finally starting another series: #GlobalDoom. This series will examine one country/region per post and will explore some of the great underground doom that’s out there. Anyone else is welcome to contribute to this as it goes along, since spreading the word of doom is always a good thing. I’ll also be using this to explore regions I’ve never really looked at in terms of music, which explains why I chose the place I did for the first post of the series.

• • •

The Faroe Islands

Part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands are a small archipelago halfway between Norway and Iceland. Their official language is Faroese, which is often mistaken for Icelandic when written. The Faroes are home to an astonishing number of doom bands. All two of them are from the capital, Tórshavn.


Formed in 2008, Hamferð are a death/doom band. Admittedly the Faroes are not the best place to look for doom bands, as I’ve learned, but  Hamferð is a gem nonetheless. A word that has often been used to describe them is ‘original’, and listening to them, I believe that to be an accurate description. Their latest album, 2013’s Evst, truly comes as a refreshing surprise with a massive sound that slowly devours you as you listen.

However, Evst was not Hamferð’s first effort. Their 2010 EP, Vilst er siðsta fet, is also well worth a listen in its own right.


Existing briefly from 2010-2012, Hatursvart blinked in and out of existence, but not without leaving behind a full length self titled album. This was a bit tedious to track down, to be honest. It was originally released on CD in a quantity of 300 units. Hatursvart does not have a bandcamp, nor are they on any streaming service. Short of buying a CD and having to wait ages before being able to listen to it, the only place you can hear this album is on YouTube, where it has been uploaded in 10 different individual videos. *Sigh*


Despite how much of a pain in the ass it is to actually listen to this album, I found it to be quite interesting with amounts of contrast that are unusual for a death/black/doom band. It was worth the hassle.

• • •

That about wraps up the first ever instalment of#GlobalDoom. I’ll continue to do this based off of geographical areas that interest me, so if you have an idea and want to jump into the series with your own posts, feel free to do so! Help spread the DOOOOOOOOOM.


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