Black Metal Body Art?

During my travels on the internet today, I discovered that you can actually make your own temporary tattoos using hairspray, sharpie and baby powder.

Some random pic from the Internet

Me being the impulsive dumbass that I am, decided to try it out to see what happens. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to draw, but since I was listening to Lord Belial, I thought “hey why not…” and decided to draw their logo on my upper left arm.

I’ve never really drawn this kind of thing on myself before, especially not in a hard to reach spot, so I decided to try it in non-waterproof eyeliner first so that I could just wipe it off if I screwed up.

My first go at it

Seemed alright, so I traced it over in sharpie.

Then it was time to do all the fancy stuff. I covered it in baby powder and then sprayed all the crap on it. But, then it noped right off my skin.

There isn’t anything left of it. Rip.

About 10 minutes later I became the victim of boredom and decided to try again. This time I was just determined to see if the whole sharpie thing worked at all, so I made a quick second attempt which looks kinda meh because I did it quickly. Actually, it looks a lot less messy than the first one now that I think about it. But hey! You draw something on your shoulder by yourself, and tell me how it goes.

Waiting for it to set

This time I decided to let it set for about 15 minutes or so before I sprayed the crap on it.

Covered in hairspray

I let it dry for far longer than necessary due to a combination of paranoia and not wanting to get out of my bed.


It bled slightly, but it’s close enough. Apparently it will last a month.

…Yeah, it lasted about two days. RIP


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