Sam’s Recent Listens: Volume 3

So thanks to my boi Reldnahc, I realized it’s been ages since I last made one of these, and I’m decently bored so it seemed like a fun thing to do.

Dis Manibvs- Imperium Dekadenz

This is some pretty nice shit. It’s about an hour long, and was released August 26th. If you’re looking to listen to some new black metal I’d recommend this. It’s really interesting and has a pretty cool atmosphere that has this way of carrying you along with it.

Si Monumentum Requires, Circumspice- Deathspell Omega

Words cannot describe my love for Deathspell Omega. That is all.

Crobot- Something Supernatural + Singles

I’ve been listening to Crobot’s older stuff, plus the three singles they’ve released off their upcoming album, which will be out in September. I guess I’m kinda psyching myself up for it. These guys are super heavy, and kinda straddle the line between hard rock and doom metal quite nicely.

The Purging- Terra Tenebrosa

Even though The Reverses is out and is dope, I’ve found myself listening to The Purging more, for some unexplained reason. I’ve just been in the mood for it lately, I guess. The weather here is finally cooling down to the point where I can comfortably go outside, so I’ve been going for long walks while listening to this, and it’s perfect for that. Terra Tenebrosa is generally really interesting and I find that their stuff holds my attention well to the point where I can focus on it for extended periods without my mind drifting.

Atavistic Resurgence- Horna/Acherontas

This is the type of thing that I’d love to put on while I’m alone in an empty room, so I can just draw whatever comes to mind and see what happens. This split has an eerie, almost disturbing feel to it, and I love it. It feels like the music puts you in the centre of a supernatural black storm.

Buster- Admiral Angry

Kur turned me onto this one, and it makes me want to break shit. This whole album is awesome, and the drum sound in particular is really cool, though it seems like it’s sampled. If it isn’t, then goddamn, that’s one impressive drummer- though haven’t looked into it to check if it is yet. [UPDATE: It’s completely legit. Holy son of fuck.] If you like sludge, listen to this.

Nur ein Moment…- Frigoris

If I had to describe this with one word, that word would be hypnotic. This was out August 25th and it’s Pagan black metal. It has some beautiful instrumental sections that reminded me of a dreamscape.

Welp, that’s it for now, I suppose. Until next time lads!


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