Musician Spotlight: Taake’s Hoest

For those who do not recognize the name, Hoest is the musical mastermind behind the Norwegian black metal powerhouse known as Taake.

Hoest is a huge inspiration to me as musician, as well as being a general creative beacon/roll model. Hoest is not someone who compromises in his music. Taake is a product of the sound that he wants, and will never become something that other people or fans have had a say in. His words speak for themselves: “I never think in terms of gestures to the fans. I do whatever feels right for me in Taake. It is up to our audience to take it or leave it.” Hoest has proven that he truly believes that by demonstrating that he is not at all afraid of being controversial, often painting offensive symbols on himself for live performances.

While that is a good quality and a bad quality, he has proven himself to be a perfect balance of stubborn and easygoing just because of the huge amount of bands that he’s played in. He’s been a part of Deathcult, Gorgoroth, Gaahlskagg, Ofryskje, Ravengod, Thule, Ragnarok, Carpathian Forest, Destruction, Nattefrost, Helheim, Urgehal, Frost, Slavia, Vendigeit and Mastema as either a full member or a live only member, and has contributed on a wide variety of instruments. His flexibility and versatility make him a person of great influence in my opinion.

Aside from his demeanour, Hoest’s work in Taake speaks for itself. Taake has a distinct sound that involves some excellent guitar work (and even banjo work on certain occasions). As a guitarist, I often pay very close attention to what is going on in music in that regard, and none of the guitar parts involved in Taake have remotely been a bore to me. The solos often have a very country-esque taste to them, and I always enjoy when influences from elsewhere in the world of music creep into metal.

Overall, Hoest has an appeal to me not just because of who he is and how he acts, but also because of his pure skill and creative genius. As a musician I aspire to be involved in as many projects someday.


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