Intro to Danish Metal: Part 3

Hej med jer! Welcome to part three of my series! Denmark is a country that deserves more recognition for its metal scene. The last two parts to this series have gone over really well, and I’ve been absolutely flooded with band suggestions in both the comments section of the posts and my message box, from Danes wanting to tell me about their favourite local acts, to people living in other parts of the world who think certain Danish bands deserve more recognition. As a result, I have a long list of great bands to share with you all. So let’s get down to it, shall we?


The first band on our list for today is Artillery. These Danish thrash legends come from Taabstrup, and were formed in 1982. Though they’ve taken several breaks throughout the years, they have been active without interruption since 2007. They’ve released 8 albums throughout their career. In fact, 2016 saw the release of their newest LP, Penalty by Perception, which served as a reminder that these 5 thrash veterans are still going stronger than ever. They are currently signed to Metal Blade and have a Facebook page where you can learn more about them (no website or Bandcamp to link to- sorry).


Heidra was formed in 2006 in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital city. They are currently active. And have released two demos, and EP, and a full length album which is the most recent of their releases (2014). It bears the title Awaiting Dawn. Heidra are a six piece folk metal band and are currently signed to Mighty Music.

Their goal to combine elements of black metal with elements from more melodic genres of metal makes them a rather interesting listen. Be sure to look at their Bandcamp page.


Formerly known simply as Manticore, Manticora are a band formed in 1996. They are currently active and based in Hvidovre. They draw their lyrical inspiration from fantasy, science fiction and other forms of literature, which is a dead giveaway that these guys are in fact a power metal band (though I have also heard them being referred to as speed metal). Their most recent release, the newest of their 7 albums, was released in 2010 under the title Safe. Here is a link To their official website.


Formed in 2001 in Hjordkær, Pyramaze is another power metal band with a focus on mythology, fantasy, legends or just general contemplation about life. Their discography consists of four full length albums, the latest of which being 2015’s Disciples of the Sun. They are signed to Inner Wound Recordings and have an official website right here.


Established in 2008, Ironguard is a band from Fredericia that can be classified as power/heavy metal (sorry for all the power metal today, guys). Since 2014, the band has been searching for a replacement vocalist. You can listen to their music on their Bandcamp page and see for yourself why they’re described as making “power metal with balls”.

Altar of Oblivion

Altar of Oblivion are an epic doom metal band from Aalborg, Nordjylland. They were formed in 2005 and consist of five members. Thus far they have released 2 EPs, a demo and 2 full length albums, with 2016 seeing the release of their latest EP- Barren Grounds. Many of their songs are centred around a theme of WWII. They have an official website and are signed to Shadow Kingdom Records.

That’s it for today! Thanks for reading and watch out for another post tomorrow.


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