Intro to Danish Metal: Part 2

Skål, everyone. Seeing as to how successful my last post regarding the Danish metal scene was, and also considering my personal love for underground Danish bands, I have decided to do a whole series of these posts. I’m really happy to say that the response I received on the last one was overwhelmingly positive- not only was the comments section full of band suggestions for future posts, but my inbox was also full of messages from people who wanted to tell me about their favourite Danish band(s). Unfortunately I couldn’t include all of them, but rest assured that this will not be the last post in the series, and I will most likely get to all the suggestions before the end of the series.

Let’s get to it.

Denial of God

This one is for you, Melissa! Denial of God is a band from Sønderborg. Formed in 1991, they are a black metal band that is currently active. Their discography is quite lengthy, consisting of 9 EPs, 3 demos, 2 full length albums and various other miscellaneous releases, most recently 2012’s Death and the Beyond. Death, the afterlife and Satan are all common themes in their lyrics. Check out their Bandcamp here.

Wuthering Heights

Coming from Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, Wuthering Heights are a five piece heavy metal band formed in 1989. Guitarist Erik Ravn is the only member to have a constant presence through the group’s multiple lineup changes. Wuthering Heights has released five albums and is has been on hiatus since 2011 due to health issues within the band. Hopefully they will return in the future and make more music. Their official website can be found right here.

Witch Cross

Also based in Copenhagen, Witch Cross is a heavy metal band formed in 1979. They are still active, although they have gone by the name Blood Eagle in the past. Their 1984 debut, Fit for Fight, was engineered by Henrik Lund, known for engineering Mercyful Fate’s Melissa and Don’t Break the Oath. Their last full length release, Axe to Grind, was released in 2013. Here’s their website!


Saturnus is a six piece band, referring to themselves as death metal, and coming from Copenhagen. The band was formed in 1993 and by 1997 had already performed at the world’s largest music festival, Roskilde (also in Denmark, held in the city of the same name). The band celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2013 and is currently still active. They are actually searching for a rhythm guitarist at the moment, and their official website can be found here.

Evil Masquerade

Formed in 2003, Evil Masquerade are a melodic heavy metal/power metal band from Copenhagen. They have released seven full length albums, most recently 2016’s The Outcast Hall of Fame. Their Bandcamp can be found right here.


You may recognize Huldre as being 2014’s third place winners of the Wacken Metal Battle. Formed in 2009 in Copenhagen, Huldre are a folk metal band whose music focuses largely on Danish folklore and Norse mythology. They released a self-titled demo in 2010 and a full length album in 2012 entitled Intet Menneskebarn. You can listen to their music on their website.


Impalers are a band formed in 2007 in Aarhus, originally formed under the name Rigor Mortis. They are a thrash band and have released two full length albums and one EP to date. Their most recent release was 2015’s God from the Machine. They are a four piece band whose Bandcamp page can be found here.


Svartsot are a folk metal band from a rather interesting part of Denmark called Randers. They were formed in 2005 and are currently still active. Their lyrical themes include Danish folklore and mythology. As of yet, their discography consists of two demos and four full length albums. 2015’s Vældet was their most recent release. You can visit their website here.


I included these guys just for you, Axel. Mnemic has been declared one of Metallica’s favourite bands, and are considered to be djent, though according to the band’s official website, they are not an easy band to categorize. They were formed in 1988 in Aalborg.

That’s it for tonight! You can expect a continuation of this series tomorrow night. I’ll try to get to everyone’s suggestions, though I am also trying to throw my own personal favourites in at the same time. Feel free to leave a comment if there’s a band you would like me to write about in the future. Skål!


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