Underrated Band: Bersærk

Coming straight out of Aarhus, Denmark, Bersærk play something known to the Danes as vest-metal (west metal)- according to Blastbeast.DK, a mix of stoner and sludge doom with a bluesy twist. The band has existed since 2012, and consists of members Lars Evers, Casper Popp, Bastian Popp and Rene Holmboe.

Bersærk, fresh off of Copenhell 2016. Taken about 6 hours ago (from time of writing).

Bersærk is a band not really known outside of the Danish speaking world, as all the lyrics to the songs are in Danish. Since I am a language nerd and also a Danish-Canadian myself, it’s something that I really appreciate. Denmark is a country whose contributions to the metal scene are often overshadowed by the rest of Scandinavia, and this is a band that appears ready to challenge that notion.

Bersærk – Nordenvind (+Lyrics)

Most information resources connected to the band are in Danish, so I wanted to take this chance to try and bring this heavily underrated gem to into the English speaking world.

Their 2015 debut album, Mulm, is available for purchase on Bandcamp and the whole album can also be streamed right here on Blastbeast.DK.

Bersærk on Facebook

Bersærk on Bandcamp


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