Album Recommendation: Bossk- Audio Noir

Hailing from Kent, England, Bossk are not a band easily placed within the confines of a subgenre label. Comprised of members Tom Begley, Nick Corney, Sam Marsh, Alex Hamilton and Rob Vaughan, the group has been called both avant-garde and post-metal, but easily phases in and out of a multitude of styles.

The band’s newest LP, Audio Noir, was released on April 1st of this year. If you are looking for an album that is as much an experience as it is a great listen, you will love this album. With this release, Bossk has demonstrated true control over their style, fading in and out between a spacy atmospheric vibe and sludgy riffing at will- two elements which many bands fail at combining. The album contains seven songs, with the longest track clocking in at just over ten minutes. However, listening to the release, it seems more like one continuous ribbon of sound, with each component flowing seamlessly into the next.

This is definitely an album to be listened to in one sitting, with no distractions.

Cult of Luna is a band that easily comes to mind when thinking of similar artists, but it is clear that Bossk has a style that is completely their own.

You can check out the official video for “Kobe” here:

Bossk are currently streaming the entire album on their Bandcamp page. While this post is definitely not a review of the album, my overall impression of this release was a very good one. I highly recommend it to any fans of experimental, atmospheric music.


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